Kenya’s Fascinating Lake Nakuru

If you visit Kenya and its capital Nairobi, you must put one day aside for an unforgettable experience, approximately 100 miles north of the city. Your destination is Lake Nakuru, situated on the southern edge of the town that bears the same name.

Lake Nakuru (4)

In 1961 Lake Nakuru National Park was established to protect only the highly alkaline body of water and its immediate surroundings, but it has since been extended to include a significant part of the savannahs, and future expansions are still in plan. Nakuru is one of the numerous soda lakes that are part of the East African Rift. What makes it special among all those other lakesis the permanently shifting mass of fuchsia pink.

Often described as the greatest bird spectacle on earth, the phenomenon is created by countless pink flamingos which come here to feast on the abundance of algae that grows in the water. Their number often goes beyond one or even two million, and their presence in the area is directly influenced by the varying food and water conditions.

The surface of the lake can vary between 2 and 17 square miles, and probably the best place from which to admire its beauty is the so called Baboon Cliff. Obviously, the pink flamingos are not the only attraction here. There are also other bird species in the area, as well as many beautiful mammals and reptiles.

Among the creatures that thrive around Lake Nakuru are baboons, warthogs, pythons, wild cats, and even three endangered species: the white rhino, the black rhino and the Rothschild giraffe. The last three lead happy lives in a fenced sanctuary that goes about 116 miles around the lake. The truth is that while its name might not suggest this (Nakuru means dusty place in Maasai), the lake and its surrounding areas are actually bustling with life.

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