Kate Middleton Vacations in £15,000-a-week Aurora Villa in Caribbean Island

The presence of the British Royal family member in the West Indies disturbed the tourists who came to relax in the sun, which had to limit the scope of rides and entertainment.Duchess of Cambridge and her family decided to spend a few days vacation at hot, which is why Mustique Company, which owns the island of Mustique, decided to increase security measures and to isolate the other tourists who come here on holiday to ensure the privacy of Prince William relatives.As expected, those who paid a not inconsiderable sum for a stay on the island were not at all pleased by limiting the extent of their walk and fun and that if they want to dine in one of two restaurants located on the island must to go up there alone with machines provided by the hotel.It has also been restricted and ATV use, the Duchess bodyguards fearing lest tourists be tempted to place too close to Middleton family who are there, to photography and film during the holidays.Prince Charles Family rented the Villa Aurora for a week, for the sum of 15,000 pounds($23,346) , the price for receiving the island’s most beautiful views and private pool.

Kate Middleton Vacations in £15,000-a-week Aurora Villa in Caribbean Island (10)

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