JVC’s New Audio System for Apple lovers

News for Apple lovers.JVC comes with a news unique equipment for Apple.They has find a solution and put into practice immediately.It is about of a audio-docking stations for your apple products including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod.What is interesting at its?Well you can use all in the same time if you want .

JVC's New Audio System for Apple lovers (2)

The docking stations have an elegant and modern design and can also be perfect for rest of the décor of your room.With two adjoining speakers ,the central unit ,you can simply fix-in your iPod,iPhone or what you want. You could charge or use your multiple gadgets at the same time because there are one docking slots.

Another stunning thing is that you can connect your television set or other music systems which would allow you to play content on larger screen or integrate the audio content from other storage devices.Two models are available and they are UXVJ 3 which will cost you $329, and the UXVJ 5 which will cost you $369.

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