Justin Bieber Drives Through a Stop Sign and Is Pulled Over

It seems that the exquisite beauty of Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari is starting to distract him as far as driving regulations are concerned, since the pop star was allegedly pulled over recently after running through a stop sign near his home in Calabasas.

Justin Bieber 1

The incident happened at around 4.30 am, and after pulling over and questioning the young pop star, the police actually discovered that he was not carrying a valid California driver’s license. Apparently, all new residents are required to obtain a California drivers license within 10 days of moving to the state, and Justin will not be allowed to drive his fancy sports car until he obtains one. In light of this, Bieber was actually ordered out of the driver’s seat.

In any case, Bieber was reportedly cooperative and respectful towards the police officers, and we are sure that the whole license issue will be straightened out soon enough.

But it seems that Justin is bound to face more problems down the road because of his reckless behavior behind the wheel, as the Homeowners Association at the Oaks in Calabasas recently issued an edict against an unnamed celebrity for “wreaking havoc on their streets”. Consequently, there has been some increased police activity on the streets of Calabasas lately, surely because of the recent increase in speeding incidents.

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