Joe Jonas Covers ‘Details’ April 2011

Joe Jonas is present in a pictorial for the April 2011 issue of ‘Details’ .The 21-year-old singer appears with his new sexy look and in the same time more mature and self-confident.

Joe Jonas Covers 'Details' April 2011 (2)

Inside he speaks about his new solo album “I’m growing up, the fans are growing up. I’ve gone through a lot of stuff in my life so far. There are stories I haven’t really been able to tell. When you’re writing with three people, you wind up with a sound that might be — not average — but, you know, expected,” he says.

This idea of a solo album came’s in 2009  “We were sitting in this beautiful Colosseum – looking hotel. And I was starting to think, ‘I really wanna do a solo project,” he remembers.About his brothers and their band Joe says “We’re not breaking up, we’re just taking a break.”

He dated a few young celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Camilla Belle and Taylor Swift.And when it comes to the topic of hurts and breakups, Joe tells ‘Details’ he had his heart broken two years ago by a girl in the entertainment world.”I won’t say her name. But I was in a relationship, and we tried to work things out, and she, you know – I was really upset because she, she broke up with me,” he confesses.

About his relation with Ashley Greene Joe says that “it feels good”. “I think what works about it is she really puts my feelings first. She understands my busy schedule. She’ll fly out to my shows—she’s been to places in South America that I can’t even pronounce.”


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