Jeans From Useful to Classic

What will wear this year in terms of denim?Well,we know that denim never gets old.Here are great ideas.

Jeans From Useful to Classic (9)

Jeans jacket

Surely you have in your wardrobe and saved a lot of fashion indecision situations. Keep it in mind for that you will wear in season pass, the spring, with pleated skirts veil or pants.If you have the wardrobe, you can choose the classic indigo denim with pockets on the upper or the latest gimmick of designers – denim and leather sleeves.

Perfect jeans
Perfect pair of jeans becomes an imperative style customary in a balanced and well-built wardrobe. Keep in mind your conformation and the typology of your body when you buy jeans and so you have a durable and versatile piece.

Skirt jeans
Clearly, avoiding the one very short, low waist, worn in the ’90s. Choose with confidently  a MIDI on the metal buttons on the front or the A-shaped high-waist. So you can wear on ofice with a cotton shirt and a jacket , but in an informal context with soft boho with Maletic, a colorful poncho and a wide-brimmed hat.




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