Jay Z Spent $ 250,000

On what? Well Jay Z spent $ 250,000 on champagne for a party.But you can afford when you’re the richest rapper in the world.A quarter of a million dollars. The rapper Jay Z just broke the champagne at the party to launch his newest album “Watch the Throne”, held in Miami.Party rapper, who worked on the new album  musician Kanye West, was held Sunday at a restaurant for more games in Miami, where he drank only champagne, fine, Armand de Brignac brand, which cost only $ 250,000.

Jay Z Spent $ 250,000 (2)

In addition, Beyonce’s husband was very ..very generous to waiters there: a $ 50,000 tip left.After the meal expensive, Jay Z and his guests, among which included the Big Ne-Yo and Sean continued the party at Club LIV Nightclub.”Jay-Z was very quiet and stayed quiet all night with his friends,” said a source.Jay Z’s album recently surpassed his RECODRIVE Coldplay iTunes, making over 290,000 downloads.

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