Japonia, Takenouchi Highway

The oldest Japanese way left behind gardens and flowering coasts, from modern bustle of Osaka, in Nara, the ancient capital.Takenouchi Highway recall at small-scale the whole history of the Japan.The modern buildings find their place besides the traditional houses and old gardens.The way turns along the outskirts of Osaka, the second largest city of Japan, passing to Nara, the first capital, founded by the first emperor divine called Jimmu.Taishi Prince, in Asuka time built the way, the oldest from Japan .

Japonia, Takenouchi Highway (2)

Korean and Chinese influences behind the formation of ancient Japan, and it was way road to imports of all kinds, from Buddhism, Ramen noodles and chopsticks used to eat.All reach in Osaka port and was transported in capital.On the route you can visit wooden temples and you can climb on top of Nijo mountain where the poet Otsu-no-Miko, is buried, forced to commit suicide after a intrigues at court in 686 AD.

Optim period:The best periods are spring and summer.The winter is very cold and wet.The majority of the tourist attractions are open on weekends and during its closed.

Travel time:The route has a length of 53 kilometers .

Used information: Plan your trip to coincide with Dakenobori Festival, 23 April and join Japanese travelers in mountain climbing Nijo.

 Attractions:Sumo tradition know Kehayaza Museum dedicated to this sport on the outskirts of Nara.It will present a dohyo (sumo ring)in natural size artifacts and exhibitions. Enjoy spring flowers covering the slopes along the entire route.

Among the seven Buddhist temples in Nara include and Toda-Ji considered the largest wooden building in the world which houses a giant statue of 15 meters, representing the Buddha.


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