Japanese Inaugurates The World’s Tallest Tower

634 meters in height has Skytree Tokyo, the tallest tower in the world. Construction, with Japanese railway operators hope to attract more customers, measure twice more than the Eiffel Tower, symbol of Paris.This will be mainly used for transmitting digital signals of television and radio companies. Also, the tower will become one of the city’s attractions and will be open from May 22.The official opening of the tower will be present and Yoshizumi Nezu, chairman of the group.Skytree Tokyo Tower, which measures 634 meters high, located in the eastern Japanese city is surrounded by over 300 shops and restaurants, a planetarium and an aquarium. Skytree will soon become the new symbol of the city of Tokyo and attracts over 200,000 visitors daily, eager to admire the view across the city.

Japanese Inaugurates The World's Tallest Tower (2)

Skytree cost 65 billion yen (about 820 million dollars). Tower visitors can admire the landscape of Tokyo as 350 meters, and from 450 meters (where there are two observation decks). But a trip to the lower deck will cost about 2,000 yen.Six television stations, including that of the state (NHK) will start on Skytree issue next year.

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