James Bond Enjoys of The Huge Profits

The latest James Bond film released Skyfall,recorded the highest grossing James Bond film accumulated during the first weekend of release.”Skyfall” one of the most anticipated movies this year, debuted in theaters in 25 countries, rising directly in first place at the box office and recorded revenue of $ 77.7 million.The Americans have to wait until November 9th to see the 23rd Bond film, which marks the anniversary of 50 years of 007.”Skyfall” half of the proceeds raised only in the UK, 324 million dollars in the first weekend. It is the second best debut weekend ever after “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.

James Bond Enjoys of The Huge Profits (1)

In France, “Skyfall” obtained $ 9 million from Russia received $ 8.6 million from Korea took 46% of the market ($ 6.1 million), Brazil received $ 6.5 million in Belgium drew 1.4 million $, Norway has received $ 2.7 million from Switzerland took $ 2.6 million from Denmark won $ 2.6 million and in Finland has received $ 1.5 million. The film has started in Poland ($ 2.5 million), Czech Republic ($ 835,000), Hungary ($ 425,000), Romania ($ 325,000), Slovakia ($ 310,000), Bulgaria (175,000), Iceland ($ 155,000), Israel ($ 825,000) and Portugal ($ 630,000).

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