Jaguar XJ – Sport and Speed Packages

Jaguar has launched the Dubai Motor Show in 2011 two new performance package for the Jaguar XJ, packets received on behalf of Sport and Speed ​​and that may apply to all versions of the XJ, the SC with 510 less horsepower.Jaguar XJ Sport package brings a number of aerodynamic improvements such as a splitter in the rear bumper and trunk lip, plus some aesthetic like a grill midificari glossy black front grille, lower grille and side air vents, painted in stirrups a new color, silver 20-inch wheels and new exhaust pipes.

Jaguar XJ – Sport and Speed Packages (4)

Inside, Jaguar XJ Sport Jaguar Performance Leather upholstery adds that offers better support high-speed, Piano Black color elements and various carbon fiber accents. Also, seats are available in two colors, Jet Jet over and Jet over Ivory, and have heating and cooling.

Sport package items can be combined with those of Speed ​​kit that allows them to overcome versions supercharged XJ electronically limited top speed. Thus, instead of 250 km / h, Jaguar XJ Sport & Speed ​​reaches top speed of 280 km / h.



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