Jaguar Unveils the Revolutionary Jaguar Speedboat Concept

It all started with Jaguar’s understanding of the fact that the company’s current and future clients “enjoy diverse and active lifestyles”, as design director Ian Callum put it. This realization led to an outstanding project, called Jaguar Speedboat Concept. It is a 20-foot long vessel that was presented at the launch of the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake car.

Jaguar Unveils the Revolutionary Jaguar Speedboat Concept (6)

The project is meant to emphasize the recreational versatility of the car and also to create “a vision of how our design philosophy might be applied to an alternative product, in which speed and beauty are also priorities”. With a fiberglass hull and teak decking, the Speedboat was designed by the automaker together with Seventy Seven Design and Ivan Erdevicki Naval Architecture & Yacht Design Inc.

The streamline design of the boat is completed with a carbon fiber fin at the rear, which evokes the driver-side fin on the Jaguar D-Type race car. The design continues with a 2+1 cabin in red and Series 1 XJ-like fuel caps. Apparently the new speedboat will first become available for purchase in Europe.


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