Jaden Smith Attends Kylie Jenner’s Sweet Sixteen

Kylie Jenner has recently had her sweet sixteen and celebrities didn’t fail to attend the very important event. Being part of a huge family, with a total of nine brother and sisters (from her parent’s different marriages), her list of guests must have been very long. However, not all of her family was there for her sixteenth birthday.

Jaden Smith Attends Kylie Jenner’s Sweet Sixteen (2)

Half-sisters Khloe and Kourtney happily joined the party, but Kim Kardashian decided to stay at home with her little daughter North. Her older sister Kendall Jenner was also there for her, flaunting a very reveal outfit that some may argue could have stolen Kylie’s thunder.

Among the guests there was Kylie’s boyfriend Jaden Smith, with whom she has been going out for a few months, even though Will Smith is not exactly thrilled about the relationship. He and his wife Jada do not believe in telling their kids what to do, but he believes that his association with Kylie’s family is not good for the teenager. According to Will, a self-respecting actor should not appear on shallow reality shows.

However, Jaden’s father says that his son should come to his senses on his own and doesn’t (yet) forbid his relationship with the now 16 year old Kylie. Consequently, the 15 year old After Earth star can be seen in these photos among other celebrity guests at the birthday party.

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