Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Sled

Sleigh riding on a hand-crafted sled made from Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels is the kind of crazy thing that you usually dream of at 4 in the morning. This time, the dream is a reality—at least for a few lucky people.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Sled (3)

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Sled (2)

For its annual It’s the Thought That Counts contest, Jack Daniels’s is giving away this unique beauty made by the craftsmen at Kartwheel in Austin, Texas. Using retired whiskey barrels, Kartwheel used a “big roofing torch” to evenly darken the wood, an old Japanese burn technique apparently. Of course the coup de gras is the leather whiskey bottle holster with straps mounted on the back end. We knew it was fun to ride in a one-horse open sleigh, but somehow a one-bottled sled seems more up our alley.
Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Sled (1)First posted on HiConsumption.com


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