Irina Shayk for John John Denim Campaign

Denim is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.Skirts, jeans, denim shirts all the time is used to create casual and sexy outfit.The same thing we can say of this colletion.The latest John John Denim ad campaign features the gorgeous Brazilian model Irina Shayk who manages to draw attention instantly thanks to her natural charisma and her fabulous features.

Irina Shayk for John John Denim Campaign (4)

The pallete color is not a particularly generous, being based mainly around neutrals and this thing facilitates our work to stay in front of the mirror for many hours.Also in to create the ideal outfit attention is given and the smallest details.The perfect hairstyle and makeup choices are all well thought out in order to create the ultimate sexy look.

The key-point of this collection are the ripped jeans weared with a studded asymmetrical t-shirt and a pair of high heels creates a rebel and attractive look.Well it’s time for you  to be creative and to created your ideal look, choosing what you like !

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