‘Inspiration’ Headphones by Monster and Hublot

In order to create this magnificent edition of noise-canceling headphones called Inspiration, Monster Cable Products joined hands with luxury watchmaker Hublot. The result is a sublime product that boasts advanced technological features and high-end materials such as carbon fiber for the ear cups, leather for the adjustable headband and brushed aluminum for the ear cups coverings.

'Inspiration' Headphones by Monster and Hublot (3)

The tech includes full USB connectivity, APT-X codecs, Bluetooth with AAC as well as user-friendly sound shaping technology. Furthermore, the ControlTalk featre allows for receiving and making calls using the headphones, while the Monster Pro Link cable helps integrate various devices into the system.

In order to ensure an optimum listening experience, the headphones were equipped with two microphones. One microphone handles the constant sounds, while the other takes care of the intermittent noises.  This ensures a remarkable noise-cancelling effect that, in turn, provides a sublime listening experience.  No word on the release date and availability, but we hope to hear more about this spectacular product soon.

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