Innovative Marrs Electric Cycles

Marrs Electric Cycles were designed by the company bearing the same name and aim to turn the way electric bikes are viewed. They promise to offer a motorcycle driving-like experience and also flaunt a look inspired by hot rods, which makes them the more appealing. The items were created by Brad Fanshaw and Kacy Marrs, who share a love of motorcycles. For the Marrs M-1 bike, motorcycle parts such as controls, seat, tires, wheels and hubs were used. The M-1 is handcrafted from high quality materials only.  The filler panels and dropout were designed especially for it and 4130 chromoly tubing was used for the handlebars, frame and forks. A 48V/20AH Lithium battery powers the brushless DC rear-hub motor of the bikes. The Electric Cycles are 36 inches high and weigh as little as 140 lbs. Marrs Electric Cycles are able to go 20 miles at a speed of 20-25 mph while carrying a 175 lbs rider.

Innovative Marrs Electric Cycles (2)

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