Inflatable Trampoline Bridge Over the Seine

In Paris there are 30 bridges that cross the Seine River, bridges passing cars, trams, cyclists and pedestrians. Some of them are very beautiful and behind a rich history – such as Pont Neuf and Pont Alexandre III,but there are and conventional bridges.But,Atelier Zündel Cristea proposal certainly is original, consisting of three jumps this huge, every 30 meters each, tied together.

Inflatable Trampoline Bridge Over the Seine (3)

The bridge would be composed of inflatable modules 30 meters in diameter, elastic nets would be placed near the bridge Bir-Hakeim Bridge, near the Eiffel Tower. Each ring of the bridge will be made of lightweight materials and filling each will require 3,700 cubic feet of air.But nobody knows whether the project will come to be implemented because of the many problems that can bring them, mainly the lack of security for “pedestrians” that could plunge into the water but it certainly brings a fresh air to Paris.

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