Infiniti Emerg-E – Hybrid Super Car Concept

First official photos of Infiniti Emerge-E Concept reached on the Internet before its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show.Infiniti was going to present this model in a few days and began a teaser campaign several months ago. But plans have failed.A teaser photo was submitted in early February.So,some photos from official presentation folder concept car Infiniti Emerge-E’s got on the internet before the official debut of the supercar at the Geneva Motor Show.The car will be officially unveiled on March 6.There is still no new information regarding technical data, but Infiniti has already said that this supercar concept will use an electric motor accompanied by a heat engine-mounted 1.2-liter to extend autonomy.Infiniti says the concept will provide top performance and emissions zero.

Infiniti Emerg-E – Hybrid Super Car Concept (14)

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