Incredible Lake Misurina in Italy

Due to its amazing, varied landscapes that include beaches, hillsides, mountains and lakes, Italy is known as one of the most picturesque countries in Europe. Lake Misurina can be found in the region of Veneto in Italy, and it attracts a generous number of tourists to its shores each year, all eager to feast their eyes on its magnificent panoramas.

Lake Misurina in Italy (2)

Due to the area’s incredible scenery, as much as 10 hotels were built in the vicinity of Lake Misurina, offering ample accommodation options for up to 500 guests. Moreover, due to the region’s special climate characteristics, Lake Misurina is often visited by those who have respiratory problems, more so since there is a center nearby that specializes in the treatment and management of asthma in children.

Thanks to its immense beauty, the lake is tied to a series legends, two of which are the most prominent. The first one depicts Misurina as a spiteful girl who lives on the palm of her father’s hand – king Sorapiss. The king, ever willing to satisfy her every whim, decides to procure a magic mirror from the Queen of Monte Cristallo, but he is transformed into a mountain in the process. According to this legend, the lake was formed by the tears of the little girl, who resides within accompanied by her magic mirror.

The second legend tells of a wealthy Venetian girl that is sent away in the mountains by her father, who feared a prophecy that told she would give away all of her possessions. The girl eventually dies and is mourned by her lover.

The speed skating events of the 1956 Winter Olympics of Cortina d’Ampezzo were held on Lake Misurina, since this fairly shallow body of water freezes completely during the cold, winter months.


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