Incredible Jasper National Park in Canada

Surrounded by the incredible landscapes of the Canadian Rockies, the Jasper National Park is definitely the largest of its kind in the region, spanning over 4,200 square miles of space. Nature enthusiasts would definitely enjoy visiting this picturesque corner of paradise, since its main attractions involve a series of hot springs, mountains, lakes, glaciers and waterfalls.

Jasper National Park in Canada (4)

The park was named after a trader named Jasper Hawes, who conducted his business in the area some time ago. This stunning landmark was established officially on September 14, 1907 as Jasper Forest Park, and it wasn’t until 1930 that it received its national park status. In 1984, the park became a UNESCO World Heritage site, since it includes a series of limestone caves and fossils apart from the aforementioned attractions.

In 2011/2012, the Jasper National park welcomed almost 2 million visitors, many of which had the chance to admire its stunning, natural beauty and wildlife species such as mountain goats, mule deer, elk, coyotes, grizzly bears and more. Furthermore, the  Pyramid Lake with Pyramid Mountain,  Medicine Lake,  Maligne Lake and  Mount Edith Cavell are also quite popular, while a wide array of outdoor recreational activities such as kayaking, rafting, fishing, hiking and camping would definitely keep the more active types engaged. The mountains can be reached by car via the nearby Icefields Parkway, so don’t hesitate to visit the Jasper National Park next time you find yourself in Canada!

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