The Incredible Dragon Falls in Venezuela

The imposing and mesmerizing Dragon Falls can be found in Venezuela as part of a much larger complex of waterfalls named Angel Falls, which boasts a height of 3,212 feet as well as a plunge of 2,648 feet.  The Angel Falls drop over the Auyantepui Mountain in the Canaima National Park, which happens to be an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dragon Falls Venezuela (2)

Also known locally as Churun-Meru, the Dragon Falls represents a highly popular tourist attraction that enthralls a substantial number of visitors each year thanks to its magnificence and natural beauty despite its remote location.

Once arrived though, guests would be able to enjoy some of the most exquisite panoramas in the world, as the tumultuous waters come crashing down from a height of 984 feet in a mind-boggling display of natural might. The falls were named as such probably because of the amazing rock formations found at the bottom of the crater, which resemble a dragon tail when viewed from above.

As we mentioned before, the Dragon Falls are part of the Angel Falls, which are also known as Salto Ángel or Kerepakupai Vená.  Just so you won’t be too confused by all the names, we’ll clarify by telling you a bit about US aviator Jimmie Angel, who was the first person to actually fly over the falls. As such, this exquisite landmark was named Angel Falls in his honor, a name that has the Spanish counterpart Salto Ángel, also derived from Jimmie’s surname. Kerepakupai Vená is a much more controversial name, since it was endorsed and defended by President Hugo Chávez in 2009 when he declared that he wished this extraordinary national landmark would bear an indigenous name. However, the president later stated that he would not issue an official decree regarding the name change.

Whatever you want to call them, the magnificent Angel Falls are definitely the most extraordinary in the world, and it would be a shame if you didn’t take the time to admire them in person at least once in your life.

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