In Venice Will Be Build Light Palace Designed by Pierre Cardin

Venetian authorities adopted the plan of construction of Light Palace (Palais Lumiere) – a skyscraper by 60 meters, designed by renowned Italian Fashion designers Pierre Cardin, according to The Times.The famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, a model made of glass skyscrapers, high 250 meters, which will host a fashion academy, a hotel with apartments and luxury shops.

In Venice Will Be Build Light Palace Designed by Pierre Cardin (2)

It is seen with interest, but at the same time with open perplexity,” said Claudio Borghello, “a Venice city councilman.”There is not a skyscraper of this dimension in all of (the) Veneto (region), forget right on the lagoon, this could become a symbol that you can relaunch this part of the world.”

The project is expected to be realized in the production of Venice Marghera. The building will be glass and steel tower shaped 6-disc, placed at an equal distance from each other, supported by three pillars of different heights.Realization of this project, which will cost 2.4 billion euros, has caused controversy among Italians because some argue that Venice does not need a modern building.The building will be designed for apartments, offices, shops, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, basin opened and closed airstrip for helicopters and even hospitals.The energy block will be ensured through sunlight and wind force.

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