In five days, Beyonce wore kept of €15,000

Beyonce did not take into account when investing money in personal wardrobe.Because paparazzi are chasing her in every minute, Beyonce has tried not to be caught on the wrong foot.Even if it meant spending more than 15,000 of the clothes she wore the other day.

In five days, Beyonce wore kept of €15,000 (8)

April 20 – Roland Mouret dress, Alexander McQueen shoes, Balmain purse

Beyonce began her stay in Paris with a romantic dinner with Jay Z.On April 20, the singer wore an asymmetrical dress from the collection autumn – winter 2010 Isabel Marant.She has completed the look with a crocodile leather handbag Balmain, which costs around €4,000  and a pair of sandals ,Alexander McQueen, nearly €1,000.

April 21 – Balmain shirt and trousers, boots Sat Edelman

Even if wasn’t elegantly dressed, still spent a fortune on sports outfit she wore it.The singer chose a pair of Balmain, worth €2,000 , which she matched with a shirt from the same brand, which costs around €400.  She wore a pair of boots Sat Edelman, worth about €200.April 22 – Gucci Dress

On April 22, Beyonce posed for a pictorial that will appear in the magazine Harper’s Bazzar.The singer wore a Gucci dress from the collection for autumn – winter 2011, which is not in stores yet.We estimate that the price of the dress is approaching €3,000.

April 23 – Roland Mouret Coverall

The next day spent in Paris, she opted for an all black outfit.Beyonce wore a black jumpsuit brand Roland Mouret, worth €1,500.

April 24 – Marc Jacobs dress, Louboutin shoes

On Easter day, sexy outfits Beyonce dropped in favor of a class. The singer wore an outfit from the collection autumn – winter 2011 Marc Jacobs, which she matched with a pair of shoes in the lake, signed by Christian Louboutin.If shoes have cost about €500, about the price of clothes we can not talk yet, because they are not found in stores.More than likely, however, the price is somewhere about €2000 .

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