Improved and Revamped-Aston Martin Rapide S

British supercar manufacturer Aston Martin decided to improve their version of Rapide, so the four door sedan got a small rear spoiler, a new grille and an “S” at the end of its name. Carbon fiber mirror housings, rear diffuser and front spoiler can be added to the vehicle, as there is a package of equipment with these features.

Improved and Revamped-Aston Martin Rapide S (6)

The inside flaunts a red and black color scheme on the instrument panel, interior door skin, and seats. The rest of the interior has many black, high-gloss elements. By folding the rear seats you can turn the car in a two-seater and get 900 liters of volume to use when you need to store larger items.

The passengers that will be sitting in the back have not been forgotten either. The Aston Martin Rapide S has two screens and media systems built into the front seats.

Of course, a sports car cannot rely solely on looks, so in order to fully understand why the S version is such a stunning vehicle, a look under the hood is mandatory. There we find a 5.9-liter V12 engine that develops 558 hp (81 hp more than the regular version) and high torque. The British supercar boasts a top speed of 190 mph and it only takes it 4.9 seconds to reach a speed of 60 mph (0.3 seconds faster than the Rapide). CO2 emissions have also been lowered to 332g/km (from 355g/km).

With an expected starting price of about $200,000, Aston Martin Rapide S will arrive in showrooms in February 2013.

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