Impressive Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach By CAMI

We’re pretty sure that you’ve seen multiple luxurious RV’s by now, and while they’re all very impressive in their own way, it’s pretty hard to top a fully functional amphibious motorcoach, wouldn’t you say? At least as far as practicality is concerned, the Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach is in a league of its own, and that’s because it flaunts the capability to run across dry land as easily as it can glide across the waves.

Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach 1

Designed and built by a company called Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, this stunning RV features an aluminum hull as well as a very impressive powertrain that allows it to reach speeds of up to 80mph on dry land and 7 knots on water. Interior highlights involve a fully equipped kitchen, a mirrored ceiling, a home theater and many more. There is even an extendable patio at the rear that can be used as a swimming deck. If you were wondering how much it would cost you to own such a fantastic vehicle, we’ll tell you that the asking price for the Terra Wind is no less than $650,000.

Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach 2

Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach 4

Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach 3

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