Impressive Mad River Rocket Sled By David Sellers

Even though most of you might think that sledding is nothing more than a great pastime for children, it can actually be a very engaging sport for adults as well, provided they have the right equipment. A very talented architect from Vermont named David Sellers has been working on a sturdy, reliable and highly efficient design for his Mad River Rocket Sled, and now that he finally found the perfect mix of materials and curves, his dream finally became a reality.

Mad River Rocket Sled By David Sellers 1

The sled features a polyethylene body as well as an off strap and a few foam ribbed foam kneepads for extra reliability and safety on the slopes. The user can control the direction of the sled by using his or her hands, which is a very efficient means of steering. If you would like to see this thing in action yourself, all you have to do is watch the following video.

Mad River Rocket Sled By David Sellers 3

Mad River Rocket Sled By David Sellers 2

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