Impressive LED Snowboard Boots By Nike

Even though Nike’s snowboard boots are usually quite exceptional as far as design and quality is concerned, they don’t really stand out in any particular way. However, if you choose to wear the Nike LunarENDOR QS snowboard boots during your adrenaline-pumping adventures, you’ll probably be noticed from a mile away, since these particular boots feature their own LED lights.

LED Snowboard Boots By Nike

The 30 LED lights can be found on the side of the boots as part of the Nike Swoosh, and they are powered by a long-lasting lithium ion battery. Aside from the pretty lights, the Lunarendor QS also features a very versatile flex line system that provides 3 different levels of stiffness in order to ensure an optimum experience on the slopes. And since snowboarding can sometimes be a rough sport, the boots were equipped with the Nike Lunarlon foam, while the Nike Flywire inner lacing ensure that they would always stay firmly wrapped around the wearer’s feet.

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