Impressive 70D Camera by Canon

The Canon EOS 70D comes packed with a wide array of technological features, three of which are particularly impressive and make it stand out in the DSLR crowd. While the 70D includes standard imaging features such as HD video recording, a high-resolution sensor and great low-light capabilities, it also boasts a 3-inch swivel touchscreen display, a new video autofocus system and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Impressive 70D Camera by Canon (4)

Canon implemented these last three features in the 70D in order to give it an edge when competing with Nikon’s D7100 model, which boasts a larger sensor and many more autofocus points. Nevertheless, both cameras were designed to be used by the enthusiast photographer, offering nearly identical imaging capturing capabilities. It stands to reason then that Canon would make a move towards improving its camera’s functionality, a strategy that might just pay off in the end.

If we are to look at these features closely, we find that the 70D’s 3-inch high-resolution screen is quite useful for viewing images from different angles thanks to its ability to flip and swivel. Moreover, this is actually a touchscreen, which means that the user can control the camera’s functions with just a swipe of a finger.

Wi-Fi connectivity is also a very impressive addition, more so since it is built-in the camera, unlike the Nikon’s, which requires an optional dongle. By using Wi-Fi, the user can easily and quickly send pictures on to an external storage device, or simply control the camera using a computer or a mobile device.

The new video autofocus system we mentioned earlier is called a Dual Pixel CMOS focus system, and it uses a highly sophisticated algorithm in order to adjust focus in real time. This allows for a smooth focusing process during video recording, much like the pull-focus effect used in professional film production.

The price for the Canon 70D is $1199, but this only includes the body. The buyer can also opt for an 18-55mm lens kit or an 18-135mm lens kit, which will cost $1349 and $1549 respectively.

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