Imposing Yet Majestic Glamis Castle In Angus, Scotland

The Glamis Castle in Scotland represents a very important part of the country’s history and a very popular tourist destination for history enthusiasts from all over the world. The castle is currently the official residence of the Earl and Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne, and it flaunts a remarkable exterior design and highly impressive interior arrangements.

Glamis Castle Scotland 1

The walls of the building are 3 feet thick, while the towers measure 13 feet in height as well as 26 feet in diameter. Placed about 12 miles away from the North Sea within a picturesque location, the castle benefits from remarkable views of the surrounding plains and natural vegetation. The estate includes 14,000 acres of land and comprises a series of beautiful gardens and parks that tempt with memorable moments of relaxation.

Shrouded in mystery and legend, Galmis Castle is tied to a series of tales such as the one about the Monster of Glamis or the story of Earl Beardie. The legend regarding the Monster of Glamis tells of a deformed child that was kept within the castle and whose room was eventually walled after his passing. This story might be related to the true ordeals of the Ogilvie family, whose members were walled out in their room in order to protect them from their enemies.

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Glamis Castle Scotland 2

The legend of Earl Beardie depicts a ruler that was obsessed with playing cards even on Sabbath. When his servants and guests refused to partake in the game, the Earl reportedly said that he would instead play with the Devil or alone until the world ended. Naturally, the tale now depicts the arrival of the Devil, who robs the Earl of his soul and even condemns him to play until the end of days. Like we mentioned before, the stories shroud the castle in mystery and give it a certain appeal, which definitely helps with its overall popularity.

Palpable highlights of the Galmis Castle include a superb chapel that features a total of 46 seats. The chapel is also tied to a story, which says that a certain seat is forever reserved for the so-called “Grey Lady”, which is identified as Janet Douglas, Lady Glamis herself.

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