Impact that Steve Jobs Had in the IT Industry Could Turn Apple logo

Steve Jobs, the man who revolutionized the global technology, died Wednesday evening at age 56, after a long illness with pancreatic cancer.The phenomenon he created the world but with the release iGadgeturilor will continue to affect IT industry.Perhaps Jobs will not be among us, physically speaking, but its products will remain in history.What other proof of gratitude could bring people from Apple than by making the logo the most admired companies in the world?

Impact that Steve Jobs Had in the IT Industry Could Turn Apple logo (2)

The current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has expressed regret regarding the disappearance creator iGadgeturilor a group message to employees: “We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs died today. Apple has lost a visionary and a creative genius, and the world lost an incredible human being. ”

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, taking on students and the parents Schieb Joanne Carole and Abdulfattah Janda.Jobs in Cupertino Homestead high school in 1972, along with Steve Wozniak, future business partner. He enrolled at Reed College in Portland then, Oregon, but dropped out after only one semester to assemble computers in the family home’s garage with his friend, Wozniak.

On April 1, 1976, Jobs, Wozniak and Ron Wayne founded Apple. Wayne, who worked with Jobs at Atari has dropped 10% stake in Apple shares two weeks later.

On April 16, 1976, Wozniak and Jobs launched the Apple II, which became one of the first successful personal computers.In May 1978, his girlfriend Jobs ,Chrisann Brennan, gave birth to a daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs.Chrisann increased one Lisa, and Jobs was later reunited with her daughter.On 12 December 1980, Apple was listed at a price of 22 dollars per share. Apple closed Wednesday in New York at $ 378.25 per share.

On 12 December 1980, Apple was listed at a price of 22 dollars per share. Apple closed Wednesday in New York at $ 378.25 per share.

In February 1982, Apple released the Lisa, the first commercial computer to use graphical interface. The computer cost $ 9,995 and was a failure commercially.

On January 24, Apple Computer launched the Macintosh. With a price of $ 2,500, Mac became the first commercially successful personal computer with GUI and mouse.

In September 1985, Jobs resigned as chairman of the Board of Apple after a power struggle with general manager John Sculley and other members of the Council, during which he lost administrative capacity.

In February 1986, Jobs bought the computer graphics shop owned by George Lucas for $ 10 million and renamed it Pixar Inc.On 18 March 1991, Steve Jobs married Laurene Powell at a hotel in Yosemite National Park. Their first child, Reed, was born in September, followed in 1995 and 1998 daughters Erin and Eve.
On December 20, 1996, Apple announced it would buy NeXT for $ 400 million and will recommit to Jobs as a consultant responsible for reviving the software on Macintosh computers, the main business of the company.

On 9 July 1997, after 17 months in the posts of president and CEO of Apple, Gilbert Amelio is determined to resign.Jobs became interim CEO shortly, while Apple was seeking a new leader.In May 1998, Apple launched the iMac, a PC “all-in-one” assembled in a transparent casing, curved shapes, at a price of 1299 dollars.

iMac is the first “i”. Also, Jobs announced “as a matter of fact” to return Apple to profitability.In May 2001, Apple opened its first retail stores to attract new customers. The first locations are in McLean, Vorginia and Glendale, California.Meanwhile, Apple has opened over 300 stores worldwide.

On October 23, 2001, Apple introduced the iPod, the first portable digital music product company, expanding beyond the PC arena with the early demise of this market.With a price of $ 399, the first iPod could stoac 1,000 songs in MP3 format.

On 12 June 2005, Jobs talked about the disease during a speech at Stanford University, showing that he was diagnosed about a year ago and the doctors gave him no more than six months to live. But cancer could be treated by surgery, Jobs saying: “I feel better now.”

On September 9, 2008, Jobs introduced in San Francisco next generation of iPod media players and the public notice again that the weak. “The rumors that I died are much exaggerated,” Jobs joked.

On 27 January 2010, Jobs launched iPhone. Tablet has sold 7.3 million copies in the first quarter of occurrence.

On April 11, 2011, publisher Simon & Schuster CBS Corp. announces publication of a biography of Steve Jobs in early 2012. The book is written by Walter Isaacson and originally called “iSteve: Book of Jobs”. The title is later changed to “Steve Jobs” and the release date is pushed back to November 2011.

On 24 August 2011, Jobs resigned from Apple’s managing director, handing him the position of Tim Cook and taking the title of president of the company.

On October 5, 2011 (17.00 in San Francisco, 02:00 in Romania), Apple announced the death of Steve Jobs.Apple in 2010 became the largest technology industry, exceeding Microsoft, and this summer took over from Exxon Mobil title of world’s largest company by market capitalization.

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