Illusion Set to Become the Largest Yacht in China

Illusion is one of the newest yachts by Fraser Yachts. This is the same company that previously introduced the Thea yacht that cost $8.5 million. This new vessel is allegedly going to be the largest of its kind in China, as it measures 288 feet. The boat is still in production and is expected to meet the sea in 2015. The vessel has a 51.2-foot wide beam and a total of 6 decks. The Shangdong-based Raffles Shipyard is where Illusion is being built. This is reportedly the same place where the NERO Asean Lady was built.

Illusion Set to Become the Largest Yacht in China (13)

Azure Naval is the company that designed the naval architecture of Illusion, whereas the exterior design was assigned to RSD. Sander Sinot is the one who created the interior design of the vessel and gave it a stunning modern look. The high gloss finishes, fixtures of wood, stone work and amazing lighting throughout add to the appeal of the exquisite yacht.

The vessel will be powered by Rolls-Royce-made diesel electric propulsion engines. The engines enable the yacht to reach speeds of 17 knots. It has a cruising speed of 14 knots and it is rather environmentally friendly. The fact that Illusion is being built in China benefits Chinese customers greatly, as there will be no import duties. If you want to learn more about the impressive vessel, a rendez-vous will be taking place starting March 30 and ending April 2nd in Sanya, Hainan. Information regarding the yacht will be revealed at the event.

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