The Icon A5 Aircraft Boasts Versatility And Performance

The Icon A5 was developed and built by a company called Icon Aircraft, and as you are about to find out, this thing is absolutely spectacular in terms of looks, performance and reliability. The brilliant minds behind this project decided to use only high quality materials in its creation, which is why the Icon A5 features a carbon fiber airframe for a plus of sturdiness and lightness.

Icon A5 Aircraft 6

Icon A5 Aircraft 5

Icon A5 Aircraft 3

As far as power is concerned, behind its three-bladed pusher propeller there is a roaring 100 hp Rotax 912 iS engine that guarantees a top speed of approximately 119mph. In addition, thanks to its automatically foldable wings, this aircraft is perfectly capable of gilding across the waves effortlessly, which is always a big plus.

It is also important to note that the Icon A5 was inspired in its design by modern sportscars, especially when it comes to its interior arrangements. As such, the aircraft features 2 seats as well as 1 engine, while its regular instrument panel was replaced with a dashboard. Other details include waterproof seats, a high-end Garmin touchscreen GPS system, dual control sticks and a wrap-around canopy that ensures breathtaking views.

But apart from its dashing looks and impressive power capabilities, the Icon A5 is also one of the most reliable aircraft in the skies right now because it was built to be completely spin-resistant. With a range of 345 miles and a price tag of about $189,000, this aircraft is definitely in a league of its own.Icon A5 Aircraft 4

Icon A5 Aircraft 1

Icon A5 Aircraft 2


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