Huge Record Breaker: $1.76 Million Bluefin Tuna

The new year has just begun, and the first outrageously expensive sales have already started to happen. One of them was a record breaker, and it took place in Tokyo, Japan. The exact location was the famous Tsukiji fish market, where master sushi makers come to bid for huge bluefin tunas in order to take them to their restaurants and turn them in mouth watering dishes.

Huge Record Breaker $1.76 Million Bluefin Tuna (3)

The first auction of 2013 sent the previous record price for a bluefin tuna into oblivion! If last year a 593 lbs tuna fetched $736,000, while this year a smaller – 489 pounds – fish went for a whopping $1.76 million. Both prices were paid by the same man: Kiyoshi Kimura, who runs the Sushi-Zanmai restaurant chain, and who declared that: “Rather than having it taken away overseas, I wish for Japanese people to eat good tuna together.” We are really curious to see what new record 2014 will bring!


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