Huge Chrome T-Rex Sculpture in Paris

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the meanest, biggest and most terrifying carnivores that ever walked the earth. Most of us know that a T-Rex was huge, but we couldn’t really see one life-size until now, except maybe when we would visit a museum. Recently however, a French artist named Philippe Pasqua decided to create a life-size T-Rex chrome statue, which can be admired in its entire splendor in Paris. Philippe Pasqua had his first exposition in Paris in 1990, which proved to be a great success. His art pieces have been showcased in various galleries from around the world ever since, including major cities such as Hong Kong, New York, London or Moscow, but mainly Paris. The creation of this magnificent structure represents a major leap in his career, and it surely must have required a lot of effort and hard work to design and complete.

Huge Chrome T-Rex Sculpture in Paris (4)

Measuring 12 feet by 21 feet, this imposing work of art overlooks the River Seine, and it includes 350 chrome bones. This creation pays a well-deserved tribute to this extraordinary animal, which managed to spark our imaginations ever since it was discovered. The first skeletal restoration of a T-Rex was made on paper by William D. Mathew and was published in 1905.

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