How Will Look The Facebook Smartphone

Facebook will launch a smart phone ,next year,and the designers were put to work.Here’s how could show Facebook phone in the vision of Michal Bonikowski designer.Facebook, is the largest social network in the world, and wants to prove it is not just an internet company, but also a technology company.

How Will Look The Facebook Smartphone (3)

About a Facebook phone also talked in the past.In 2010,AllThingsD wrote that Facebook has agreed with from Taiwanese HTC to launch a mobile phone codenamed as Buffy.Until now the phone hasn’t been released on the market ,however HTC launched at the Mobile World Congress 2011 two terminals with dedicated Facebook buttons, HTC and HTC Chacha Status.

Details about the new phone is still insufficient, but Facebook is already preparing for the move to “mobile space” with a series of high profile acquisitions. Sources say that the giant has even hired former Apple engineers.Contact the NYT, Facebook representatives did not comment on the existence of a smartphone project.Facebook phone is expected to be launched in 2013. Following a survey found that new gadget could be a hit, 32% of those surveyed saying that they will buy into the market immediately after.

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