How to Wear the Gorgeous Nude Pumps

If there is one thing that shouldn’t miss from a lady’s wardrobe is a pair of gorgeous nude pumps. This type of footwear can turn your look around, especially if you know how to wear them. Here are some tips on how to sport the classy pumps.

How to Wear the Gorgeous Nude Pumps (3)

Kate Middleton and Nude Pumps

The beautiful style icon managed to bring nude pumps back into the center of attention and remind fashionistas of how amazing the shoes are. The Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted wearing nude footwear on numerous occasions. It is up to you if you want to embrace Kate Middleton’s style or go for more daring alternatives with higher heels. Either way, if don’t already own a pair, now is the right time to purchase one.

Nude Pump Variations

There are many options from which to choose when it comes to nude heels. They became as iconic as the classic little black dress. Opting for a heel with a color as close to your skin tone is important, as the right hue can create the optical illusion of longer legs. They can also elongate your figure, especially if you choose medium or high heels.

How to Rock Them

Nude pumps have the same elongating effect as black heels, but you should avoid garments that make you seem shorter. In order to achieve the elongated leg illusion you should go for a nude heel that doesn’t have too many decorations. However, if you do like a more complicated style, you should keep in mind that such heels do not elongate your figure as much as a more simplistic style nude pump.

Another perk of wearing nude heels is that you can easily pair them with virtually any color, regardless of how daring or dark. You should stay clear of neutral colors, though, because they might make your look appear washed out. If you do go with a cream colored dress, for instance, you can team it up with bold or colorful accessories for a better outcome.

As spring is here, you can choose either a casual outfit, and pair the nude heels with skinny jeans or a more lady-like look and team them up with a cute dress with floral motifs. You could even try to wear them together with khakis or shorts. Avoid pants that cover your knees or the nude pumps, as they will lose their appeal.

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