How to Get a Gorgeous Party Hairstyle

Getting ready for an important party is not easy feat. Depending on the occasion, of course, you would have to choose an appropriate outfit and a stunning hairstyle to match. Considering the outfit is relatively easy to obtain, depending on your tastes and preferences, a hairstyle can be somewhat problematic at times. We’re here to help you pick a hairstyle that matches your hair length, personality and style, so bear with us as we describe these three gorgeous alternatives.

How to Get a Gorgeous Party Hairstyle (1)

For moderately short hair

You can start off by buying some decorative and functional grips. Make sure you wash your hair at least half a day before trying this hairstyle, so that the grips will hold firmly in place. First you need two grips and two sections of hair from each side of your head. Bring both sections to the back of your head, twist and fold them over each other a few times depending on hair thickness, then secure each side with one grip. Afterwards you need to take another section of hair and twist it upwards, securing it with a grip. Keep repeating this process until you get a sort of organized chaos at the back of your head.

For medium length hair

You need some good curling tongs and you should begin by parting your hair into sections, leaving a small section at the base of your neck. Take a small part of this section and pass the tongs over it quickly so you can smooth it out, then grip the ends of the hair and twist them upwards. These should be held in place for about 10 seconds in order to obtain a nice ringlet. Keep continuing with this process until all of your hair is curly. Then you can either leave it like it is or carry on with creating a side ponytail.  To finish it off, spray the hair with some hi-shine hold spray and add some sparkly slides.

For long hair

You need to use some ceramic straighteners. First you need to wash and blow-dry your hair down along its entire length for maximum shine. While the straighteners are heating, you can use them to divide the hair into small sections. Then take a small section from the bottom of your head and run the straighteners firmly down to the end. Keep doing that until all of your hair is straight and smooth. Afterwards, you should go back and straighten it again in larger sections in order to achieve a more natural look. A final brushing and some shine spray and you’re all set.

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