How to French Braid Your Hair

French braids have a certain appeal and allure, but not everyone knows how to make them at a moment’s notice.  Don’t worry, though, because if you follow our simple guidelines, you will be able to French braid your hair in a matter of minutes.

How to French Braid Your Hair

The process doesn’t involve any specific hair styling products, but you do need to work with fairly long hair in order to pull it off, otherwise the braids will not stay up for long. You should start French braiding the hair a day after shampooing, because if the hair is too clean the strands will simply not stay put properly. Grab a small section of hair from the front center of the head, then pull it backwards and divide it into 3 strands.  Hold one part with one hand and the other two with the other then take the right hand section and pass it over the center one, following up by taking the left one over the center one.

Repeat the process by using hair sections from the left and right hand alike. You can also choose how tightly you want to pull and control the final look accordingly.

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