How to Find the Perfect Gift

How to Find the Perfect Gift (1)

How to Find the Perfect Gift (1)

We’ve all been in that situation where we needed to come up with a great gift for a relative or loved one, but a perfect present can be quite hard to find most of the time. And while different people prefer or need different things, there are a few ground rules regarding the subject that we will now share with you so you will always be prepared to face the situation with flying colors.

1. Brainstorm

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Starting off, you need analyze the recipient’s personality and lifestyle, as this will give you a basic idea of what to look for. For example, consider if he or she has a thing for animals, technology, cars, trips, food etc. Finding out about the receiver’s hobbies is also a great idea.

2. Research

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Get in touch with someone close to the person and ask him or her a little bit about what they like and dislike, because even if you think your brainstorming yielded great results, you might have missed something critical. Family members or close friends are usually your best bet.

3. Pick a Hobby

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After you found out a little bit about the person, it’s time to choose something you want to focus on. Let’s say the girl you want to buy the gift for enjoys cooking. You have a plethora of choices available in this case, from cooking sets, glasses and cups to ingredients or maybe appliances.

4. Get Creative

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If you are good with your hands, you can always craft a gift and personalize it yourself, as this will show your dedication and love towards the recipient. Moreover, it proves that you were willing to invest a considerable amount of your own time into the project, which will be highly appreciated.

5. Give the Gift of Written Words

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You can choose to put together a small book containing photographs and writings honoring the most important person in the room. This is a gift that will be looked upon fondly for many years, bringing up memories of joy and appreciation.

6. Listen Closely

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If you are relatively close to the person and you spend your time together talking about things from time to time, make sure to listen up for phrases that start with ” It would be nice to have..” , “Isn’t that nice?” or ” This old thing..”. This will definitely help you choose something that the recipient needs or desires.

 7. Learn from Experience

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Remember when you were the center of attention? Try to relive your best birthdays or other special occasions and try to think about what would be appropriate to bring at the current affair.

8. Spend Time with the Recipient at their Favorite Place

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You can also spend some quality time with the recipient at their favorite place, whether it’s the garage, workshop, kitchen or personal gym. Have a look around and think about how you could improve the place.

9. Go Shopping with the Recipient

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Shopping is one of the best ways to see how the recipient responds to various offers. He or she is bound to give off a personal opinion at some point, so listen closely and learn from it!

10. Personalize the Gift

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You can write, engrave or paint the recipient’s name on the present. You can also personalize it with a special drawing or embellish it with a logo or emblem. There are plenty of websites out there that could help you on your quest. Personalizing a gift shows that you really care, making it much more valuable.

11. Ask!

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If you find that you don’t have the time to do the proper research, you could always ask what he or she would like to receive. Most people don’t mind responding to the question, and even though this will greatly diminish the element of surprise, at least you will know you bought the right thing.

12. Wrap the Gift Accordingly

How to Find the Perfect Gift (1)

Aside from the wonders that hide inside, a perfect gift always has to be wrapped in an attractive and joyful fashion. That said, presentation is quite important, but make sure that the contents are up to par.


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