How Much is The Most Expensive Building in The World

The most expensive building in the world called Yongsan Landmark Tower is located in South Korea and will cost about $ 3,170 / sqm.The tower will have a height of about 500 meters and 100 floors.Yongsan Landmark Building Tower building cost about $ 3,170 / sq m and is made ​​by Samsung Corporation, a company that built the Burj Khalifa, considered the tallest building in the world. By comparison, construction of Burj Khalifa cost $ 3,010 / sqm.

Yongsan Landmark Tower (2)

Tower in South Korea will have a half a kilometer high and 100 floors. Yongsan Landmark Tower Construction has already begun and will be completed in 2016, after a total investment of 3.45 billion dollars, which includes amount and price of land.Another record that will hold the tower in Seoul is the world’s fastest elevators, which will travel at a speed of up to 800 meters per second, according to Business Insider.The architect of the project is the Italian Renzo Piano



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