How Looks the Plane of 100 Million Dollars of Donald Trump

Donald Trump has already praised the new or refurbished aircraft for 100 million dollars, a Boeing 757.The aircraft belonged to co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, informs Forbes. Aircraft interior is plated with gold, from sinks to belt buckles.Trump’s Boeing has a 52-inch plasma, you can watch The Apprentice tycoon or films. Meanwhile, the aircraft is equipped with an audio art.You’ll know probably by Trump and family members, in case you fly by plane.

How Looks the Plane of 100 Million Dollars of Donald Trump (1)

Their names are inscribed on the plane furniture. Trump’s air taxi carries 43 passengers safely and provides a luxury unimaginable to mere mortals.American billionaire and privacy secured to the aircraft. It has a private bedroom Donald and his wife, Melania, plasma, console and electric curtains. All utilities flying camera can be controlled from a single button. Moreover, Trump has available a huge closet in which to place his clothes company.

As the old plane owned by Trump, we can not say that a Boeing 727 than 43 years old, the middle of its aircraft, lying on sale since 2009. The reason? Nobody wants to give him $ 8 million.

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