How Looks SeaOrbiter,The Newest Ship Concept In The World

SeaOrbiter Ocean Explorer, a ship concept imagined by French architect Jacques Rougerie, will be the world’s first vertical ship.”This ship will host a permanent vertical number of 18 oceanographers who will see the miracle of life in the oceans,” said Jacques Rougerie.
The cost of the construction will reach the amount of U.S. $ 57.7 million and the works on this construction will start in October this year and it is said that it will be ready in 2013.The ship will be designed primarily to observe and study the creatures in the seas and oceans.

How Looks SeaOrbiter,The Newest Ship Concept In The World (1)

Semi-submarine ship will have an underwater camera located 31 meters under water.Above, on deck, will be arranged a special terrace where seabirds can be observed and where people will relax.But also the ship will be equipped with special observation with satellite transmission and the researchers will be able to explore areas of the ocean.The ship design will include renewable energy sources like solar, wind or wave energy.

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