How Looks Planes of Hundreds of Millions Dollars

Some clues :sauna, gym and garage for exclusive cars.Have you done an idea how it would look now?When you are rich must to travel with your own private jet. We’re talking about aircraft that looks more like a large luxury homes. The most famous interior designers are Edese Doret, Technologies Greenpoint and Andrew Winch.

How Looks Planes of Hundreds of Millions Dollars (2)

The prices of these planes is between 100 and 500 million dollars.But who says that if you are above the clouds you don’t indulge in saunas and gyms? Luxurious private jets looks like the true penthouses. Designers deal with everything you need,from furniture, favorite colors, textures and so on. Sauna, cinema and garage – the latest trend in terms of aircraft.For example, a designer has built one of his clients, a large kitchen in the middle plane, because the latter liked to cook for his guests. The exclusive joint planes have en-suite showers, saunas, gyms, cafeterias, theaters and even garages for cars unique.



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