How It Looks the Khloe’s Apartment

Member of the large family of Kardashian, Khloe moved from Los Angeles to Dallas to be with her husband, who was transferred to another basketball team. Star misses her parents and sisters, which is very close. But certainly, luxury apartment where she lives will improve her mood.The house is located in W Dallas Victory Hotel and the rent is $ 7,500 a month. The building has two bathrooms, a huge kitchen, which includes an area designed for family meals and a large living room, which offers lovely views over the city.Also, the house includes a place to relax with a billiard table, bedroom and a spacious work desk. The apartment is modern furnished and offers space for family and friends star when they come to visit.Khloe and Lamar have started the house hunting a few months ago, that not every building to meet demands. It seems that house is to their liking, with available to spa, to relax, swimming pool, two gyms and places for entertainment.

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