How Future House Shows

Would you like to enter on the internet directly from the window?CES in Las Vegas restarts smart home concept. That phone and tablet will communicate seamlessly with fridge and will send recipes in the kitchen oven.Thw washing machine will start when the current is cheaper.The future home even watching the window will not be what it was.It’s easy to use intelligent window. You only have to give your finger up and down to close or open blinds apparent.It will take several years before smart window will hit the market because it is  still young and expensive technology.But back to the kitchen where refrigerators and ovens will be connect to the Internet provides access to online radio and social networking.It knows and recipes and track and expiration dates of food. You only have to posed receipt of home and mobile phone information enter inventory refrigerator knows now that if you have all the ingredients needed for cooking.

How Future House Shows (1)

Also at CES 2012 the closet cleans and softens clothes with steam. Future appliances were designed to communicate with each other, and the power plant to know when the network is less loaded and cheaper current . All these are prototypes, but the first models will hit the market next year.

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