Hottest Makeup Tricks

Top models are also regular girls who have the same problems as us – tired eyes, pimples, rashes. Look great on their catwalks are due and makeup artists who deal with them. Here’s what advice they have for you.

Hottest Makeup Tricks (1)

A natural glow – Peter Philips, one of the most renowned makeup artists in the industry recommend for a natural look and stalucitor, use a bronzer blush.The secret is the small amount of blush to be applied on the cheekbones. Also, in his opinion, look to be complemented by a pink lipstick, more natural.

Bright eyes – Stephane Marais says that any woman can have a look brighter without sophisticated makeup.The secret is a white shimmer eye shadow, to be applied on the upper eyelid.

Beautiful and defined eyebrows-another very popular makeup artist big fashion houses is Anthony Pazos.He believes that to have beautiful and eyebrows is well defined brow pencil to give up in favor of a special gel.If you do not feel comfortable with the gel, Pazos says it is best to choose a pen for eyebrows 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color as eyebrows are still dark in color than the hair and a pencil if you choose the same color, eyebrows will be too dark.

Bright ten – Shobrook Talia, who handles makeup shows patterns of Marchesa says that the secret of a bright complexion illuminator consists of applying a serum before foundation. This way your skin looks brighter and makeup becomes more refined.

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