Honda Concepts at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show

Honda has announced news that will present for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show, including a sports car concept, offering the first details of the design direction that will take future Honda.Honda prepared for the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens its doors on November 30, 7 new concepts of vehicles.

Honda Concepts at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show (12)

An electric sports car concept than present the next generation of compact electric model, fun to drive that manages to be excellent environmental performance. AC-X presents the new generation of plug-in hybrid vehicle that offers a comfortable and pleasant driving experience in urban and longer distance.Micro Commuter electric vehicle concept is a ultra-compact size will become a very accessible form of mobility.Motor Component: is a compact scooter that offers mobility with convenient electric propulsion of a vehicle with two wheels that can be used in the Micro Commuter concept.E-Canopy: a quiet and comfortable scooter created by installing an electrical system on a Honda scooter with three wheels. This vehicle can be used for business, home delivery.RC-E: an electric version of a super-sport motorcycles .Townwalker: a method that combines simplicity with urban mobility efficiency. Can be easily loaded into a car by folding the seat and steering.



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