Home of Sultan of Brunei Listed for $35 Million

The Sultan of Brunei is known for his seeming limitless fortune. Among his incredible investments we can count regular $21,000 haircuts, buying the Beverly Hills Hotel back in 1987 for $185 million and spending another $150 million for renovations, $5 billion worth of expensive cars and, of course, his personal home. The house was built in 1927 near what now is the Beverly Hills Hotel, it flaunts 14,000 square feet of living space and was restored and upgraded by famous architects Tom Proctor and Tim Morrison. The estate was recently listed for a price of $38 million.

Home of Sultan of Brunei Listed for $35 Million (7)

The former home of the Sultan features no less than 11 bathrooms and 8 bedrooms, all luxuriously appointed. The design of the property is completed by its Malibu tiles, leaded glass and wrought iron elements. Other compartments include a family room, a library, screening room, a large formal dining room and a living room.

Outdoor we find an ample yard, a cabana, a spa, a swimming pool and beautiful gardens.

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