Hofele Design Audi SR 8

The German tuner Hofele Design offers a package of changes for the sedan Audi A8 (D4 series). This requires some changes on the one hand to the visual appearance and on the other hand to improve performance. To them one by one, though.On the outside, Audi A8 underwent a change in the face by redesigning the bumper and insert the emblems SR and Hofele grille. You can see quite discrete thresholds and the rear spoiler has been fitted, and if you want, you can opt for a speaker made ​​of carbon fiber. The new rear bumper to make room for the four tailpipes have been together for tuning house. The interior was dressed in colorful two-tone Alcantara leather and contrasting stitching are.

Hofele Design Audi SR 8 (16)

New wheels that offer people from Hofele may have dimensions between 20 and 22 inches, and it would be like last detail essential to improve the visual appearance changed. We do not know if company managers will appreciate it too much, but it may delight the extra power.

In terms of improving performance, the tuner has gone to the central unit of the 4.2-liter V8 engine to increase power to 372 hp to 390 hp for gas station and the 350 hp to 390 hp for diesel version.



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